B&B near Ironbridge, Shropshire

The Ironbridge Gorge Museums are only 20 minutes from Allscott Mill B&B

Blists Hill Victorian Town - TF7 5DU

Head back over 100 years to a real-life Victorian town. At Blists Hill Victorian Town you can meet the Victorians in their shops, cottages and workplaces, see all the animals, enjoy a horse and cart ride or a cone of traditional Fish and Chips.

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Hands-on, interactive design and technology centre; learn how the things we take for granted were designed, made and work.

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Coalport China Museum

Opened as a museum in 1976 on the site of the former Coalport China Factory. See how fine bone china was made, learn the social history of how the workers lived and worked. See workshops in action and national treasures.

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Coalbrookedale Museum of Iron

See the remains of the water powered blast where Abraham Darby I perfected the smelting of iron with coke instead of charcoal. It was the secret that helped make iron the essential material of the Industrial Revolution.

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Darby Houses

See the partially restored Darby House home to five generations of the Darby family who ran the Coalbrookedale Ironworks. The family were Quakers so the house was much more sparsely furnished than most properties of the period. Nearby is Rosehill House built around 1738 for Richard Ford, Clerk to the Coalbrookedale Company who married Abraham Darby's eldest daughter. The house has been restored to show how it would have looked in 1850.

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Jackfield Tile Museum

On the south side of Ironbridge Gorge Jackfield is one of the oldest known centres for the production of ceramics in Shropshire, thought to date back to the sixteenth century. The Thursfield family came to Jackfield in the early eighteenth century and the famous 'Black Decanters' or 'Jackfield wares' are attributed to them.

Jackfield was also thought to be one of the main areas housing the boatman that took wares up and down the River Severn until the opening of the Severn Valley Railway in 1862 put them out of business.

In 1852 the Maws family arrived and started making decorative ceramic tiles and a rival company Craven, Dunill and Company opened in 1870. New factories opened in 1874 and 1883. It is these Victorian factories that have been restored and tiles are once again being produced there. You can have a workshop tour on Tuesdays although the rest of the Museum is open the rest of the week.

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Broseley Clay Tobacco Pipe Museum - TF8 7DQ

Booking as though the workers had just gone off shift this little time capsule, two miles from Ironbridge has been faithfully restored. All the artefacts were removed whilst the buildings were renovated and then replaced to show the history of clay pipe making in Broseley since the 16th century.

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